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This is rebel shit - Mojave rock

Got polyglots, who'll molly whop you 'til your body pop

-jean grae, kill screen

let's state the obvious. the web is a mess right now. between the ruination of one of the internet's most popular destinations to seemingly every other platform seeming determined to destroy itself, it's been wild last few years in online spaces.

i can't sit here and tell you i have a solution for what is happening and how to get us to this point of chaos. ha, i have no idea.

but i do know in times of upheaval, opportunities for change become easier. the ability to shift away from what we know doesn't work and try something new.

i know we don't have to stay where we are. i know we shouldn't stay where we are.

And i might have a couple of ideas on how we do it.

welcome to h.i.

this is the part of the story where we create.


p.s. no, it's not misspelled. think about it, and you'll get there.




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